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Designed to fit every need.


Private Lessons




We meet with you once a week for 5 weeks. At each lesson, we will demonstrate what to do with your dog for that week. Each lesson builds on the last. The bulk of the work will be on you, as you will be the one working with your dog on a daily basis. Behaviors covered: Recall, Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Door manners, Heel position, Loose leash walking, Break/Free (release command), and meal manners.



Private Lessons


Advanced Obedience


These 4 advanced lessons add what we like to call the "freedom factor'. We take everything that was learned in the private lessons program (1.), and we add more reinforcement to each behavior. This is program is designed to get your dog ready to go off-leash, with peace of mind. Includes all equipment necessary.



Private Lessons


The Combo

The Combo Package is the combination of the basic level Obedience program and the Advanced Obedience program (7 lessons). If purchased together, this allows the programs to be bought at a discounted rate.




Two Week Board & Train

Two week Board & Train. (your dog stays with us throughout the duration of the training).

Behaviors Covered: Recall, Place, Down, Stay, Heel/loose leash walking, Break/free (release command).

We pick up & Drop off.

At the completion of the program, we provide a turn-over lesson that allows us to transfer all the dogs training to you.

An additional follow up lesson is also included. (allows us to help you and your dog to refresh)




Dream Dog Program

lifetime Support

This is our Signature program. Its a three week Board & Train (your dog stays with us throughout the duration of the training). It comes with lifetime support for that particular dog, meaning...were here for your training needs, at no additional cost. To be clear, you will never need to hire another trainer for that particular dog!! Want to learn a new command later....its covered as well. We cover: Recall, Place, Down, Sit, Stay, Heel/loose leash walking, Break/free (release command), & manners... Then we layer in the fouundation for off leash control, the "freedom factor". Also includes lifetime access to all group classes, long line and training collar. We pick up and drop off.



Heading 2


My name is Mike. We here at Dogtown K9 (previously Camo) love what we do. I can still remember my first dog when I was just a young buck. He was a lab/chow mix, and his name was Bear. Bear was my bestie. I remember keeping a small lock of his fur when he passed, just so that I could have something to remind me of him. Bear helped shape my childhood, and though he has long been gone, I still think of him. We know how important your pup is to you. They become part of the family, and that's how we treat them. That being said, we use gentle and proven methods in all of our training programs. We have worked very hard to develop a system that gets lasting results. We love our dogs, and we will love yours as well. We provide 5 options to choose from so that you can pick a program that fits your lifestyle and budget.  I look forward to talking to you, and being your dog trainer.

Danielle Dallies

I called around and talked to a lot of trainers, and they were the ones I chose based on their knowledge!!! And I'm glad I chose them!!! They are phenomenal with my dogs!!! They were able to help me fix issues that were unable to fix!!! Especially in my older dog!!! They also are great people... very trustworthy and easy to get along with!!! Hands down the best trainers around!!! They go above and beyond for me and my dogs!!! I just got another puppy... and I will be having them work with him as well!!!

C Linzey

My Bruno is a 50 pound bundle of energy who desperately needs exercise. We rescued him 4 years and have never been able to walk him. I had taken him to Petsmart AND hired a personal trainer unsuccessfully! He gets very distracted by squirrels and rabbits and runs me into trees, poles, mailboxes, bushes and traffic. Even my husband is unable to control him... I decided to give it one more chance and a prayer. Bruno loves Michael. He gets very excited when he sees him. In just two lessons he is walking calmly. It will take a couple of more lessons for me to able to have the same control over him. Michael is very patient with Bruno. He’s a happier dog already. During social distancing we can both get exercise and fresh air. I can’t wait. What a blessing Canine Camo has been. If Michael can train Bruno he can train any dog!

Jill Fitzpatrick

Michael Bishop at Dogtown K9, did an excellent job training my very challenging year old, newly adopted dog. She came to me with many challenges and Michael was able to work with her and ME to better both our lives. Michael is caring and professional. He has answered every one of my many questions quickly and efficiently. I had never sent a dog for training but now I will never have a dog that hasn’t been trained and will seek Michael out for that help! Thank you, Michael!!

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